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Call us today 317-755-9688


Q: Are background checks done on Waiters?
A: Yes. Wait4U Services, LLC completes a criminal background check on ALL Waiters prior to hire. Also, Wait4U Services, LLC completes a drug test screening on ALL Waiters prior to hire.

Q: Does Wait4U Services, LLC offer a police or military discount?
A: Not at the present time; however, Wait4U Services, LLC makes every effort to hire Waiters who have served our country as Waiter positions become available & interested Veterans apply. Wait4U Services, LLC, is offering a coupon valid through December 31, 2016, for first time customers.

Q: Is there a minimum cost?
A: Yes. There is a two-hour minimum (or $98.00).

Q: How will the house or business be secured when Waiter leaves?
A: The Homeowner will make arrangements in advance with their Waiter prior to the Waiter’s arrival in your home or business.

Q: Will Waiters pick-up & drop-off my house keys at my place of employment?
A: Absolutely!! A Waiter can meet you at your house before you leave for work or can meet you at your workplace. Either way, your day should not be interrupted or inconvenienced. A Waiter will secure your home or business upon completion of the scheduled service & will return your keys to you at your workplace or some other arrangement that is acceptable to you. With Wait4U Services, LLC,you should never have to worry about the security of your belongings.

Q: Can I have the Waiter come to my office and pick up my house key as part of their scheduled waiting time?
A; The scheduled waiting time starts at the time the Waiter meets you in person (like at your office) or upon arrival to your home or business.

Q: What if there’s a delay in delivery time and Waiter has another job scheduled?
A: A Waiter scheduled with you is your Waiter & will not leave until the service provider has completed their task. Wait4U Services, LLC has set up a system to accommodate those instances should they arise.

Q: Do you accept all major credit cards?
A: Yes, Wait4U Services, LLC accepts ALL major credit cards in addition to cash or check

Q: What are the Wait4U Services, LLC hours?
A: The cut-off time is 3pm the previous day of service. However, if a Waiter is available for same day service, it may be possible to schedule an available Waiter by calling: 317-995-1484

Q: Will the Waiter call me when the service is complete?
A: Yes, your Waiter will call you upon completion of the service! Additionally, depending upon your arrangements with your Waiter, your Waiter may be able to text or email you pictures of the service completed as applicable.

Q: Am I able to call the waiter directly if I need to?
A: Absolutely. You may contact your Waiter at anytime during the scheduled service.

Q: What will happen if the service or delivery I have scheduled for my home takes longer than anticipated due to an unforeseen event?
A: The Customer will be invoiced for time the Waiter is ‘waiting’.

Q: What will the Waiter be doing in my house while the Waiter is waiting (e.g., Watching TV? Let the dog out?, etc.)?
A: The Waiter is NOT allowed to do anything in your home expect be respectful and wait. Waiters are not allowed to wander or roam throughout your home touch any belongings other than to sit in a place pre-arranged by the Homeowner (e.g., Kitchen Table, Family Room sofa, etc.). Waiters are considered to be Trustworthy & Reliable & a guest in your home. The Waiter will watch the service provider provide the service requested if that is the Homeowner’s desire.

Q: What happens if my Waiter encounters a lengthy delay or just doesn’t show up?
A: If the service provider contacts the Homeowner (or Waiter) & states there is in unexpected delay, the Homeowner has the option to either have the Waiter stay and wait until the service provider arrives, or re-schedule the service provider and Wait4U Services, LLC for another time. The decision solely rests with the Homeowner.

Q Before or during the service/delivery, how is the Waiter to address someone other than the expected service/delivery person coming to the door?
A: The Waiter is NOT allowed to open the door or provide access to any person not authorized by the Homeowner. The Homeowner may be contacted by a Waiter on a case by case event.

Q:We have 4 dogs that are routinely loose in the house. Will I be expected to confine them on the day of my service/delivery?
A: Yes, for the safety of our Waiters, pets will need to have restricted access in the home unless specific arrangements are made with the assigned Waiter & Homeowner in advance (e.g., Waiter to meet the Homeowner & pet(s) prior to Homeowner leaving their house).

Q: Will my security system be required to be disarmed or can I instruct the Waiter to disarm and then re-arm it when the service/delivery is completed?
A: The Homeowner & Waiter will make arrangements in advance as to what is the best means possible to gain entry into the home to disable any home alarm and likewise secure the home upon completion of service & departure by the Waiter. Most home alarm systems have ‘code specific’ access for temporary use; thus, the Waiter does not need to be privy to your personal alarm code information. The Waiter is there to assist you & make your life easier.

Q: What is the Waiter expected to do if he/she witnesses inappropriate behavior of or damage caused by the service/delivery person?
A; The Waiters have been instructed to call 911 in any situation that is perceived to be inappropriate or threatening. Additionally, Waiters have specific instructions they must follow that cannot be shared with the public for the safety of our Waiters.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?
A: Wait4U Services, LLC offers discount cards for repeat Customers & Referrals! Wait4U Services, LLC is offering a coupon valid through December 31, 2016 for first time customers.

Q: Do you anticipate expanding your offerings to include other services like running errands/shopping, house sitting while away (with or without pet sitting), setting appointments/reservations, managing car repair or detailing services, etc?
A: At some point Wait4U Services, LLC may consider expanding to other services; however, at the present time, Wait4U Services, LLC is now offering a solution to assist the Homeowner secure the needed services without the frustrating challenges of making them happen!

Q: I was so very pleased with your Wait4U Services, LLC and the Waiter was awesome!!! How can I submit a review?
A: Thank you very much for using Wait4U Services, LLC! Our Waiters are appreciative of your input. Wait4U Services, LLC has set up a “rewards” program to recognize our Outstanding Waiters! Any comment you would like to offer for one of our Waiters is greatly & sincerely appreciated.

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