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Call us today 317-755-9688

About Us

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Wait4U Services is a company that puts those who have time with those who don’t. We employ mostly retired-veterans and service members. Our Waiters are eager to help you out with your busy day. Let our Waiters help give you some of your time back. Life Doesn’t Wait…Neither Should You.

Wait4U Services is a Limited Liability Corporation serving Hamilton, Boone, and Marion County, Indiana. Our service provides a solution to a problem homeowners face frequently. The gap of time allotted to wait for a service provider or delivery to arrive is a common inconvenience when scheduling a service or delivery. Taking off work to wait at home for several hours isn’t always an option and for many the loss of income and productivity incurred is a problem with no clear solution until now.

How does it Work?

During scheduling you’ll be asked to provide information about the service details and to instruct our waiters where and when to meet you to obtain your house keys or to acquire other means of entry. You’ll need to include any important information for your Waiter regarding the time spent inside your home. Examples include, information about pets and alarm codes if applicable, and of course, a phone number at which you can be reached.

At the time of service your Waiter will meet you at your home or location of choice for house keys or to be let inside the home. Your Waiter will stay through the service or delivery and, if necessary, will call with questions or updates. Once the service or delivery is complete your Waiter will alert you and leave your home, locking your keys inside.

Need a Personal Assistant? 

Wait4U Services can also help you with your day-to-day errands. If you need dry cleaning picked up…no problem. Need to go to the grocery store, but you just don’t have the time in your day? Let Wait4U handle all the honey-to-do list items so you can spend your day doing the things you need or want to do. Maybe you need your car serviced? Let our background-certified Waiters pickup and drop-off your car without it disrupting one minute of your day.

Need a House Sitter?

Are you worried about leaving your home for a week or two or maybe a month with no one to watch over it? Let one of our Waiters watch over your belongings while you are on vacation so you can rest assure your home, plants and belongings are taken care of while you are enjoying your fun in the sun!


Many service providers that enter your home aren’t covered with bonding or insurance, leaving your home and belongings vulnerable to theft or damages without reimbursement. Our team of waiters provides an added security factor throughout your scheduled service or delivery. They’re fully bonded and insured making the use of our service invaluable when scheduling services or deliveries with providers whose employees aren’t covered.

We provide bonded and insured Waiters to come to your home and do the waiting so you don’t have to. Once you’ve scheduled, you can forget about keeping track of your service or delivery time and let us handle the rest! Our trusted time savers arrive and oversee your service or delivery as they ensure the safety of your home and belongings. We offer easy scheduling online or by phone and we need as little notice as 3pm of the previous day.

Example: Your pipes burst the day before an important meeting you can’t miss. No need to worry, schedule your choice of plumber and give us a call, a Waiter will handle the rest!

Channel Partners

Partners are businesses partnering with us to offer our services to their clients. It’s 100% free to become a partner you can receive several benefits for participating. Becoming a partner allows your business to offer an additional service not usually offered for your customers. The service is optional and will increase the window of time your customer has for scheduling in-home service calls and deliveries.

Some benefits of partnering are:

  • Unique and convenient service options for your customer
  • Increased scheduling flexibility
  • A Hassle-free option for customers
  • A safer overall customer experience
  • Support of local Veterans and disabled workers

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